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Fake Leather Never Lasts
9:29 a.m. - 2013-08-22

My handbag is falling apart. I have been looking at the cotton handbags on Etsy and ran across a site with a style I really like ( It is a messenger bag with a flap. I'm currently trying out a pattern for a similar bag in denim with a custom length strap. After I finish sewing one, I can measure the strap width and see about ordering some hardware online for making an adjustable strap. The local stores have nothing suitable.

Speaking of local stores, M called and told me about a H0bby L0bby opening in a nearby town. She used to love the HL when she was going to school in Texas, but there isn't one around here. All we have are M1chaels and J0@ann's.

I also have some ideas for making my own messenger bag pattern and sewing up lots of bags to use up my decorator fabric stash. If I have a handbag wardrobe and a cardigan wardrobe, I will be good to go. Except for shoes.

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